Sunday, July 11, 2010

Big Changes for Lodge Circumspect

As many may have heard some rather drastic changes are underway at Lodge Circumspect. For reasons known only to the parties involved, the Worshipful Master of Lodge Circumspect June Lennon has resigned. Along with her the previous membership of the lodge. We wish those three ladies the very best and we will not encourage gossip as it is unMasonic behaviour.

We will announce that Lodge Circumspect is to continue and is in the process of entirely new leadership and membership being put into place. Unfortunately when you are a new lodge in a new order the wrong things can happen. This time they did happen for all of the right reasons according to us as it allows the lodges to get back to it's original intention. Lodge Circumspect is a lodge of Post-modern Freemasonry and is dedicated to the 1613 Manifesto and ten point program. Let us make this perfectly clear.

More news will follow as it develops. in the meantime we invite those who share our mission to contact us. Those who have given us their support the deepest of gratitude. Those who wear the black, may the Nation continue to thrive.

WM Lodge Circumspect-1613 Nation
New York City, New York -USA

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