Monday, July 12, 2010

An Open Letter

Lodge Circumspect is a lodge of Post-Modern Freemasonry, a member of the 1613 Nation community of Masonic lodges. Located in New York City, our function is to service sincere seekers of Masonic light.

As a Post-Modern lodge we exist far outside of the Masonic "box." we are not mainstream, we are not recognized by the mainstream. nor are we a apart of the European flavor "continental" system. We reserve the right as free men and women to determine for ourselves our own direction. To establish out own lodge as we see fit. We do not seek permission, we do not live by excuses.

Lodge Circumspect is under reformation. We where founded by members that for whatever reason found themselves not in line with the ideals that they promised to uphold. We do not hold this as a permanent sin. We hold no ill feelings. We have removed the influences that have been counter productive. We have started anew and we are here to stay.

Others may claim the name Lodge Circumspect. As we live in a free society this is their right. We do not own exclusive rights to either the word lodge nor circumspect. We do however represent the 1613 Nation in an official capacity and we are the only lodge in New York City authorized to do so. Should anyone else claim otherwise at the very best they are not in possession of the facts and more than likely are our out to intentionally mislead.

We do not engage in profane verbal sparring matches. Those who are former members are no longer of any value to us. We wish them the best as fellow members of global humanity but they hold no special favor with us. We are here for our brethren. We stand shoulder to shoulder beside other members of the 1613 Nation. In times of need we are there for our own. Outsiders are not our concern.

With that out of the way we welcome those who are interested with open arms. We invite those who are interested in what we are about to contact us. We will answer all inquiries with honesty. We believe that information is power.

Our lodge is not for everybody. In fact it isn't for most. We never claim to be a "one size fits all lodge." We aren't members of a generic community. We may not be for you who are reading this and that's OK. But we are for some. God willing, we will be here for a long time.

We wish all the very best in whatever path they choose to pursue.

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